What does Alpha Art Company do?


     Racing is in the soul of Alpha Art Company. We feel that our purpose in life is to rid the world of ugly racecars. In doing so, we help race teams catch the eyes of sponsors that are needed to climb the ladder in motorsports. Your image is our passion. We have the tools and knowledge to design your very own brand, as well as provide finished products to get your brand recognized.

Your prices seem a little high, all you're doing is sitting in front of the computer.


   This one is our favorite. The saying, "You get what you pay for" isn't just a saying. It literally breaks our heart to see a kid with all the talent in the world, but his race car and PR products are so low rate that nobody even notices them. Our designs and products are must-haves for any racer that wants to be taken seriously by Sponsors. A Driver's BRAND is a key element as to how people percieve them. We don't offer cheap, because cheap is not what we do. We offer VALUE.

Do You Require Anything of Me?


   YES!! At the very least, we need to hold a consult (20-30 mins) to get a good starting point for whatever it is that we are doing. For anything that requires files to be sent to us, WE MUST HAVE PRINT QUALITY FILES OF ALL LOGOS, PICTURES, ETC BEFORE WE CAN SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLETION DATE!!!

What File Type Do I Need to Send?


   For logos or any type of graphics, We must have an EPS or equivalent Vector File Type. Any other type of file will incur additional fees to cover a re-draw.


   For any service requiring a picture of car, driver, etc... We must have very high resolution JPEG Files. If you're photography is not up to snuff, you will be asked to try again. WE WILL NOT LET PIXELATED PHOTOGRAPHY BRING DOWN THE QUALITY OF OUR WORK. DO NOT EVEN ASK!

Do You Offer Sponsorships?


   Very, Very, Very Rarely. But, We do give you the tools to land sponsors of your very own. It takes more than some wild colors and a cool graphic on your car to make sponsors notice you. It takes the full package, and that's what we offer. From logos, to business & hero cards, to your hauler, car, apparel, banners, everything. We give you a professional, consistent appearance that is sure to put all eyes on you.