To submit your wrap details, please click the link found below and carefully and completely fill out the form. The more precise you are with your details, the quicker we can get your proof done.



     In order for your wrap details to be successfully submitted to us, you must enter our email address in the box labeled "Your Wrap Company's Email".

Copy it now, and paste it into the form to avoid spelling errors.





      Once, you have submitted your form, please contact us via phone, CONTACT form, or Facebook message so that we can verify receipt of your details.



We must have a 100% completed measurement sheet on file before we can begin your design.


All measurements should be accurate to the 1/8 inch.


If your measurements are inaccurate, your wrap will not fit correctly. Please measure and record with care.


Errors caused by incorrect supplied measurements will not be covered by Alpha Art Company.  


     Click on the measurement sheet to the left to expand it. Print it out, fill in your measurements, then either scan it or carefully take a picture of it with your cell phone. After reviewing to ensure all measurements are clearly visible, please send the completed measurement sheet to...

Put your Name, Car Number, & "Measurement Sheet" in the subject line.