Alpha Art Company is the accumalation of years of racing and graphic design by Georgia racer Taylor Griffith. He started his business in 2008 as Thrillbilly Graphics. For years, he provided unbeatable quality and service to local racers and businesses alike. As time went on and word of his work spread, he started attracting the business of increasingly larger commercial clients and upper level race teams.  Though the company has grown, the goal remains the same.... To provide a high quality product in a reasonable amount of time at an affordable price.



Taylor Griffith's birth was announced over the loud speaker at Dixie Speedway on June 23, 1990. Randy "Big Time" Wilson told crew member (and Taylor's dad) Scott, that the number 49 was going to Victory Lane in honor of him. When Big Time won the race that night, he took the checkered flag for a victory lap, wrote the story of that night on it, and gave it to Scott. That Flag still hangs on the shop wall to this day. It's not often noticed, but on those rare occasions it demands a moment of reflection over a life spent obsessing over racecars and going fast. Alpha Art Company was born from a passion for racing. From a young age, Taylor was intrigued by the hand lettered cars he witnessed on a weekly basis at Dixie and Rome Speedways. As he grew older, he started spending more of his class time drawing racecars than studying. At the age of 12, he began racing Jr Dragsters at Atlanta Dragway. He accumalated 18 wins, including 3 straight coveted Night of Fire's. When he turned 15, he began helping a local kart team. Washing tires wasn't exactly what he wanted to do, but it kept him at the track. After a year of indentured servitude, Allen Westmoreland gave "T-Bird" his first shot at going in circles. Taylor competed in karts for 3 years earning a 2nd place points finish and numerous wins. At the age of 18, he joined the ranks of the INEX Legends Car Series. In his first full year of competition he scored 2 wins, 8 top fives, rookie of the year at Lanier National Speedway, 2nd Place in Lanier points, and 3rd place in Anderson points. In his Second year in the Legends Car he earned 5 wins, 18 top fives, won the track Championship at Lanier National Speedway, Runner-upped in the track championship at Anderson Motor Speedway, and also took home the trophy as Georgia State Champion. By the end of Taylor's 2011 season, his business had grown to the point where it required much more time and effort, so he was forced to give up one passion to pursue another. You can still catch him pulling on a helmet every now and then, but no where near as often as he would like. One of his favorite things about Alpha Art Company is that it allows him to stay connected to the sport he dreamed of being a part of as a bright eyed child, sitting in the front stretch grandstands at Dixie Motor Speedway.